Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Baron Fig Confidant Notebook: A First Impression

          The Baron Fig Confidant Notebook

                                   A First Impression

     The Baron Fig is billed as being a quality multi-purpose notebook.  The overall theme of the advertising is that it has been designed with creativity in mind.  I suspect that the paper itself will be non-judgemental if you are to instead list everyone you had ever slept with or attempt to remember all the band logos that were your favorites in the 80's.  Twisted Sister with that stylized TS springs to mind right away.

                                                                            The Insert

    The packaging, which includes a sturdy box that is securely wrapped in plastic to thwart the moisture which does not keep the Postman from his appointed rounds, also included this insert describing the concept of the Baron Fig.  As for the tagline "Designed by people like you", you better hope not.  If I were to design a notebook, Baron Fig would be sending you a box full of junk mail to write on the back of with an ancient souvenir Wisconsin Dells bullet pencil that has an eraser so hard that it measures on the Rockwell Scale as "Musket Ball."  Thankfully I wasn't consulted.

                                                                          The cover.

     On the outside the fabric is both subtle in color and pleasant to the touch.  I appreciate the subtlety part.  It has none of the trappings that attempt to shout "Look, I'm doing SOMETHING with this notebook that you cant possibly convey in some cheap Mead pad."  What is does do is exude thoughtful execution and properly applied cloth.  No wrinkles, no loose strings and I am considering the potential for using an iron-on transfer to make it really mine.  Preferred iron-on includes either a cobra or a van.

                                                 I think it works pretty well with this tie.  A notebook as
                                                        as an accessory tells me I have come a long way since I thought
                                                        an Ace of Spades made a badass pocket square.

     Inside, the paper appears to be of high quality and the binding secure. As advertised, the book is capable of laying flat.  At first when reading about that in the description I pretty much regarded that feature as inconsequential.  In reality, it is quite handy.  As is the yellow woven bookmark.  I tested the paper with a variety of writing tools and had no problems with pencil lead or ink smearing or bleeding through.  The paper did not exhibit any feathering with the ink and felt very smooth whether writing with pencil, ballpoint, or fountain pen.  The writing, though not creative in any way, did not ricochet from the paper and strike me.

                                                               Various writing samples in "childlike scrawl" font

                                                                  Laying flat with yellow bookmark visible.

     My impression of the Baron Fig Confidant is that it is a well thought out, well designed and well executed notebook.  Will this notebook help you to be a better writer or artist?  No.  But perhaps what really matters here is having something that is genuinely nice.  I mean that in the sense of having small yet well thought out items in your life that most people don't consider as being important.  I wont say Affordable Luxury, because that is dumb.  What I will say is that every time you place an item like this in your life, you carefully consider and select an attractive and well made product that when you see it or handle it, it pleases you.  Much the same as a well chosen pen or pair of cuff links, the more you surround yourself with small things that you find pleasant, the more pleasant life may become.  Your results may vary.  Check it out at-                                               

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